Cornerstone agrees to fintech licensing deal with

on 14 July 2020

We are pleased to announce that Gain DAO ( and Cornerstone have agreed to terms to provide financial technologies for the Gain Pool, which will be launched in Q2 of 2021.

The Technology Provider (Cornerstone) will act as the engine that powers the Gain Pool, Gain Treasury and in effect, the entire Gain DAO Ecosystem. The Gain DAO democratically elects this position based on the providers competence to successfully manage the Gain Pool.

Technology Provider Objectives:
-Increase the amount of Ether in the Gain DAO Pool by an average of 3-6% per month.
-Maintain a trading expectancy of 3.0 or higher
-Maintain a profit factor of 1.3 or higher
-Limit maximum drawdown to 20%

Requisite to be elected as the Technology Provider:
-Minimum of 1 year of audited live testing results
-Performance metrics achieved regarding Monthly Return, Profit Factor, Expectancy and Drawdown.
-All trading strategies deployed demonstrating a minimum of 10 years stability using 99.9% modeling quality backtesting using variable spreads.

Our audited beta account is available here courtesy of myfxbook: