on 25 March 2021

Rey, King of the Scalpers

Rey trades on the GBPCAD pair after the US trading session concludes. Volatility is rather low during this period, which is favorable for scalping. Typically, Rey places 10-25 trades per week (depending on market volatility). Trades are usually closed within a few hours to minimize our risk and maximize the effectiveness of our strategy. Rey offers two modes of operation:

MODE 1 Mode One does not like taking balance losses. It does sustain periods of drawdown, however the amount of open drawdown is strictly limited, which prevents open positions from getting out of hand and causing a margin call. The trading frequency is not very high, but this system is quite stable and spread resistant, and will be a steady performer going into the future.

MODE 2 Mode Two is an active trader and places trades daily. It consistently makes returns and rarely has a losing month. It is spread dependent (usually 3 pips or less is ideal) and does require some common sense to avoid trading days that are unusually volatile (not a good idea to run this strategy during a Brexit vote). Overall, this system takes losses when needed while maintaining an excellent return on your investment.